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Hello so this my other fanfic with two original characters and I need criticisms. Please also help me with the title. >_<

Title: Music Of My Heart (title pending)
Rating: PG
Genre/s: Drama/Friendship
Pairings: None for now.
Warning/s: Unbeta-ed, wrong grammar/spelling
Summary: After being betrayed, she became a doll. She and her twin transfer to Ouran Private Academy to change their lives. Can she find happiness back again?

Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran High School Host Club. It belongs to Hatori Bisco.

Link: Here~!

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Seeking Ouran Skit Help

Hi there ^^

I'm looking for people who might be interested in helping me out with an Ouran skit for Katsucon 2009. So far, I'm the only person. I don't really have any people close to me who I know that like to cosplay or do.. well.. anything that I like to do.

So! I come here seeking help =D

Basically, I just need one of each Host Club member in their normal high school attire. I want to perform something to the Host Club song "Mata Ashita". Yes, there would be some dancing involved. I know that this might not mean anything to some people, but I used to be on a competitive dancing team.. and I taught dance classes for two years before I went to college.... so when I say a dance, I mean a dance.. and not just "LOL! LET'S DO LEIK THE HARE HARE YUKAI BECUZ THE MAIN CHARACTER'S NAME IS HARUHI GUISE!!!"

Anyway, I pretty much have it set in my head what I want it to look like =3 And I'm looking for people who are completely in love with the Host Club to do this =D

I, of course, will be playing the part of Kyouya ^^ So I'm in need of the rest of the members aside from him.

It would really help if you live in the central PA area.. because I would like to be able to get real physical practice in as a group...

But if you are not in the central PA area and are going to Katsucon (for sure.. not just an if...) and you would seriously like to participate... I could post videos of how to do the dance on YouTube =3

Okay! So if you’re interested, please contact me through a comment here, a personal message, or an e-mail =3 My e-mail address is:

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Sand Chronicles; Ann love

[[Maybe You're My Love]]

First off, sorry if this isn't allowed. Feel free to delete if it's not.

But I was wondering. I'm trying to download OHSHC to make some AMVs, and would either like them RAW or with English subtitles (because I'm stubborn). Unfortunately, I've only found the first 8 episodes orz If anyone knows where to get the entire or the rest of the series RAW or with English subtitles from (the only site I'm not too stupid to know how to download from...unless there's something else someone could kindly show me <3 ), that would be so very much appreciated <3 And I'd dedicate an AMV to you =D

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Na-chan (Aiba 2)

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I have Guilty  Beauty Love, Bokura No Love Style, Mata Ashita, Doki Doki Waku Waku, and Tsumei...uh...I can't remmeber the name of Kyouya's song. ahaha. They're all awesome =]